End of the Year Countdown

We're counting down the days to 2020 by noticing all the things we love most about More To Life!
Each day, you'll have the opportunity to chip in and support the organization that brings so much richness, texture, and deep connection to our lives. Let us know what you love most about More To Life! What you're grateful for will be featured in one of our postings. Send your "gratitude" to the Yes! Desk.
This video shows that More To Life is much more than a series of courses and a set of processes. As Jeff Rose says, More To Life is "a powerful way to live." Members of the More To Life community from across the Southeast US and as far away as New York share their experiences in the program, with each other, and how they practice this powerful way of life every day.
With 32 days to go, we're giving a shout-out to Colin Fine and his unique ability to set More To Life processes, practices, and tools to music.
Mastery of self in service to others is an important principle in More To Life. Vijay Reddy and Anne Trusler exemplify this in their work with impoverished communities in the Platinum Belt of South Africa and in the new course on overcoming prejudice designed by Peggy Jarrett and Vijay for introduction in 2020.  Each day until the end of the year, we're sharing one thing we love about More To Life. Today, with 31 days to go, we're highlighting Self-Mastery in Service to Others.
For Day 30, we are reflecting on what Dr. K. Bradford Brown taught us about love. He believed that "love is an ever-present opportunity." We invite you to take this opportunity to share your love with us by telling us what you love about More To Life.
Don't get closer to the fire.  Be the fire!
With 25 days to go in 2019, we are featuring Kate Palmer's eloquent share of her experience in More To Life. From the initial jolt of a focus course, The Power of Self-Esteem, through a deeply integrating Way of a Warrior, to the connecting, evoking experience as Team Leader, Kate's purposeful path is a powerful case study in experiential learning.
Today we celebrate More To Life by reflecting on our creative nature as human beings.

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